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Welcome to ADDZ Computing.

ADDZ computing specialize in PC sales, upgrading, servicing and installations including networks.

Hardware problems or Software problems?? We do the lot and we come to you. No more packing the computer system up, putting it into the car and getting ready for the trip to your local computer shop. We save you all the hassles by coming direct to you 24 hours 7 days a week and we do it at very affordable prices. If the problem cannot be fixed onsite we will take your system back to our workshop, find the solution and call you back with a no obligation free quote on how much it will cost to fix. It is then the customers choice to either accept the quote or have the system returned all at our cost.

(Please check the Services section for all pricing enquiries.)

Whatever problem you may encounter with your PC, you can be sure that ADDZ Computing will be able to help you by offering very competitive prices, reliable computer parts, great support and friendly service.

We understand that not everyone is an expert with computers and we are willing to assist all types of PC users. You can be a novice, intermediate or even an expert and if you decide to call on ADDZ Computing for assistance you can be certain that we will make the experience enjoyable and understandable.

ADDZ Computing can also source any product for your needs. We have direct access to major brands like Panasonic for those who are looking at upgrading their entertainment or household equipment.

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